[Pitta bread stack with following fillings grilled]. 


Smoked salmon, leek and cream cheese (Rs 680)

  • GARLIC PRAWNS: Garlic chilli prawns/ Garlic prawns, cheese with iceberg lettuce and lime mayonnaise or our special roasted bell pepper and tomato sauce (Rs 680)

  • DEVILLED CUTTLEFISH: Devilled cuttlefish with roasted tomato and pepper sauce, cheese and balsamic onions (Rs 680)

  • ROASTED PEPPER: Roasted red pepper, cheese and hummus (Rs 580)

  • ROASTED TOMATO: Roasted tomato, basil, cheese and mozzarella (Rs 580)

  • ROASTED VEGI: Roast vegetables and feta cheese (Rs 580)

  • PLOUGHMANS - cheese with sliced apple and home-made chutney (Rs 580)

  • POL SAMBOL: Pol Sambol and feta (Rs 550). With smoked salmon (Rs 680)

  • SEENI SAMBOL: Seeni Sambol and cream cheese (Rs 550)


Make it spicy with the famous Fire Starter Nai-miris sauce

All the above comes with cheese (Cheddar/Gouda). All breads, fillings, salads and sauces are homemade fresh, every day.



PASTA -Ready to eat

Rs 750 (vegetarian) or Rs 850 Non Vegetarian)

  1. Roasted tomato, black olive and feta 

  2. Thyme roasted butternut squash, zucchini, feta and creamy cheese 

  3. Chilli garlic prawns, mushroom and cheesy tomato 

  4. Smoked salmon, cherry tomato, feta and pesto

  5. Smoked salmon, roasted pepper, roasted tomato and cheesy tomato




SWEET (Rs600)

  1. Banana and Salted Caramel with whipped cream          (Waffle & Pancake)

  2. Chocolate Mousse, Cream and Strawberries  (Waffle & Pancake)

  3. Double Chocolate: With Dark Chocolate & White chocolate        (Waffle & Pancake)

  4. Classic Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice and Sugar           (Pancake)

  5. Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Cream or Yoghurt (With Kithul treacle or Jaggery)     (Waffle & Pancake)

  6. Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Cream or Yoghurt with Jaggery           and Kithul Treacle    (Waffle & Pancake)

  7. Mini Pancakes: 5 mini Banana or mini Blueberry pancakes with golden syrup or kithul treacle.


SAVOURY (Veg Rs700, Non-veg Rs 800)

  1. Roast tomatoes, Mushrooms and Soft Poached Egg    (Waffle & Gallette)

  2. Pol Sambol, grated cheese with Fried or Poached Egg  (Waffle & Gallette)                                 

  3. Creamy Leek, Smoked Salmon and Poached Egg   (Waffle & Gallette)

  4. Humus, Spinach, Pumpkin, Roast Pepper and Feta (Waffle & Gallette)


POT VEGETARIAN LASAGNE (layers of roasted zucchini and pumpkin in a home made tomato, basil, pepper and onion sauce, lasagna sheets and home made cheese sauce) ALSO AVAILABLE IN OUR PAR-BAKED RANGE [XSmall: Rs 550, Small: Rs 850 (for 1-2 persons), Medium: Rs 2400 (for 2-3 people), Large Rs 2900 (4-6 People)]


POT FISH PIE (Tuna, thalapath and smoked grey mullet, with prawns, broccoli, leeks and mashed potato with home made cheese sauce) ALSO AVAILABLE IN OUR PAR-BAKED RANGE [XSmall: 900 ( 1 Person), Small: Rs 1400 (for 1-2 persons), Medium: Rs 2900 (for 2-3 people), Large Rs 3800 (4-6 People)]



Savoury Pies

·       Mushroom and cheese Rs 260

·       Creamy Seafood Rs 350

·       Roasted vegetables Rs 260

Cornish Pasty: 

·      Smokes Salmon and caramalised onion Rs 120

·      Roasted Vegetables and Feta  Rs 100


·      Prawn Rs 220

·      Polos Rs 180

Spicy Roti RS 120


QUICHE (Variety of vegetarian fillings, eg. feta, basil and sun-­dried tomato/Mediterranean roasted vegetables with feta and thyme/Feta cheese with caramelised onion and zucchini/ Smoked salmon & Leek) [Smoked salmon- Rs 2800 whole/ Rs 380 a slice, Vegetarian- Rs2400 Whole/320 a slice: (8-10 slices)


TARTLETTS (Small individual tartlets with the above fillings) Smoked salmon- Rs 380, Vegetarian- Rs320, Non-Veg Rs350


GOURMET PIZZAS [Thin-crust home made pizzas with a unique combination of fillings (mozzarella, red pepper and basil/goats cheese and caramelised onion/ mascarpone, smoked salmon and spring onion and many more) Mini: 150-350,Small: Rs 900-­Rs1500 (for 1-2 people), Large: Rs 1800-­Rs2100 (for 6 people) 



We now deliver to following areas:


Colombo 5, 7 ,8 : Rs250-350

Colombo 3, 4, 6 : Rs350-400

Colombo 2, Nugegoda, Nawala, Rajagiriya : Rs350-450

Kotte: Rs: 450

Colombo 1, 9-15, Battaramulla, Pallawatta, Mt Lavania : Rs400

Other: Please ask





Our promise:

Always fresh. Always home made. No artificial colours, flavours or additives. Always real fruit or natural flavours. We refuse to compromise on quality and taste


The Cakery : 0112501344   HOTLINE: 077 297 4726 WEBSITE:    FACEBOOK: TheEnglishCakeCompany

*These prices are subject to change without notice