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The Cakery is our main outlet at Sulaiman Terrace where all the magic happens.

The Courtyard and Balcony

Our outdoor seating in the Courtyard and on the Balcony is ideal for relaxation. We often hold events and pop up stores in the Courtyard which can be booked for such occasions. 

The Goodies
Our Team

Enjoy all our home made goodies served by our smiling, courteous staff.

We have a comfortable air conditioned dining area where you can relax and enjoy your goodies. There are tables with chairs as well as comfy sofas and bean-bags. You can pick your items from the display cabinets and/or order from the a la carte menu.

The Dining area

All our items are freshly made at The Cakery using no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Check out our huge range of home made cakes, desserts, puddings, ice creams, coffees, teas, juices and savoury items. 

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