• VICTORIA SANDWICH [Vanilla sponge cake with butter cream and passion fruit or lemon curd filling]: Rs280/slice, Rs 2600 (10-12 pieces) Strawberry Victoria Sandwich: Rs 2800.

  • CHOCOLATE CAKE [Soft chocolate cake with 2 layers of dark or white chocolate icing] Rs220/slice, Rs 2100 (10-12 pieces)

  • CHOCOLATE ORANGE CAKE [Moist chocolate cake with real chocolate pieces, orange zest and juice, with chocolate orange butter icing] Rs280/slice,  Rs 2600 (10-12 pieces) 

  • JAFFA ORANGE CAKE [2 layer soft orange cake with chocolate orange icing]: Rs260/slice,  Rs 2400 (10-12 pieces)

  • EGGLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE [Soft 2 layer eggless chocolate cake with chocolate/white chocolate icing] Rs260/slice, Rs 2400 (10-12 pieces)

  • GOOEY CHOCOLATE CAKE [A very rich moist dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing] 

         Rs360/slice, Rs 3500 (10-12 pieces)

  • COFFEE GOOEY CAKE [A very rich moist dark chocolate and coffee cake, layered with coffee cream icing] Rs280/slice,  Rs 3600 (10-12 pieces)

  • THE MINTY WAY [2 layers of rich mint chocolate cake sandwiched with peppermint cream and chocolate shavings] Rs380/slice, Rs 3600 (10-12 pieces)

  • BROWNIE CAKE [2 layers of cashew & brownie cake layered with peanut butter and chocolate mousse] Rs360/slice, Rs 3500 (10-12 pieces)

  • THE COOKIE MONSTER [chocolate sponge with cookie pieces, chocolate ganache & cookie biscuit topping] Rs280/slice, Rs 3000 (10-12 pieces) 

  • MERINGUE CAKE [Layered soft vanilla sponge cake, crunchy meringue and home made fruit curd (Lemon/Passion fruit: Rs3200 Strawberry: Rs3400 (10-12 pieces) , Rs320/slice,

  • STICKY TOFFEE DATE CAKE [A moist date sponge with a butterscotch sauce]: Rs280/slice, Rs 2600 (10-12 pieces)




  • LEMON AND BLUEBERRY LOAF [Lemon sponge cake with blueberries, and light lemon icing): Rs340/slice, Rs 3200 (10 pieces)

  • PASSION FRUIT AND RASPBERRY LOAF [Passion sponge cake with raspberries, and light passion icing): Rs340/slice, Rs 3200 (10 pieces)

  • LEMON/ORANGE DRIZZLE CAKE [Lemon/Orange sponge cake with lemon/orange drizzle icing): Rs230/slice, Rs 2200 (10 pieces)

  • BANANA CAKE: Rs180/slice, Rs 1700 (10 pieces)

  • BANANA AND CHOCOLATE LOAF CAKE: [Soft banana and chocolate loaf with chunks of dark chocolate] Rs200/slice,  Rs1900 (10 pieces)

  • CARROT CAKE LOAF [Soft sponge cake with carrot, apple and cashew nuts with cream cheese & orange topping] Rs370/slice, Rs 3500 (10 pieces) 




  • WHITE CHOCOLATE/DARK CHOCOLATE AND STRAWBERRY GATEAU [3 layer Strawberry cake with white/dark chocolate butter icing topped with strawberries): Rs400/slice, Rs 3900 (10-12 pieces)

  • PEACH AND PASSION FRUIT GATEAU [3 layer banana, peach & passion cake with cream cheese icing): Rs390/slice, Rs 3890 (10-12 pieces) 

  • LEMON AND WHITE CHOCOLATE GATEAU [3 layer soft lemon cake, filled with lemon curd and a white chocolate icing): Rs390/slice, Rs 3890 (10-12 pieces)

  • NEAPOLITAN GATEAU [Chocolate/vanilla/strawberry layers with white chocolate middle and dark chocolate topping]: Rs400/slice, Rs 3900 (10-12 pieces)

  • CAPPUCCINO/MOCHA GATEAU [3 layer coffee cake with white or dark chocolate butter icing): Rs390/slice, Rs 2800 (10-12 pieces)

  • BLACK FOREST GATEAU [3 layer moist chocolate sponge layered with chocolate mousse, dark cherries and whipped cream): Rs460/slice, Rs 4500 (10-12 pieces)

  • BUTTERSCOTCH PRALINE GATEAU [3 layer moist butterscotch sponge layered with home made butterscotch sauce and crunchy almond praline] Rs390/slice, Rs 3890 (10-12 pieces) 



  • NEW YORK CHEESECAKE [Soft vanilla cheesecake either plain (Rs580/slice, Rs5600) or with chocolate or fruit topping]: Rs590/slice, Rs 5800 (12‐15 pieces)

  • WHITE CHOCOLATE AND RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE: Rs590/slice, Rs 5800 (12-15 pieces)

  • DARK CHOCOLATE AND BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE: Rs590/slice, Rs 5800 (12-15 pieces)

  • CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CHEESECAKE: Rs590/slice, Rs 5800 (12-15 pieces)

  • PASSION FRUIT CHEESECAKE: Rs590/slice, Rs 5800 (12‐15 pieces)

  • NEW YORK CHOCOLATE SWIRL/CHOCOLATE CHIP CHEESECAKE [Soft vanilla cheesecake with chocolate swirls or chocolate chips]: Rs590/slice, Rs 5800 (12‐15 pieces)

  • NEW YORK CARAMEL TWIST CHEESECAKE [Soft cheesecake with caramel swirls]: Rs590/slice,  Rs 5800 (12-­15 pieces)

  • DULCE DE LECHE CHEESECAKE : Rs590/slice,  Rs 5800 (12-15 pieces)

  • DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE : Rs590/slice,  Rs 5800 (12-15 pieces)

  • CHOCOLATE CHIP BROWNIE CHEESECAKE : Rs590/slice,  Rs 5800 (12-15 pieces)




  • SQUIDGY CHOCOLATE ROULADE [Flourless soft sponge rolled with whipped cream and fresh chocolate mousse]: Rs420/slice,  Rs 4100 (10-12 slices)

  • BERRY SQUIDGY CHOCOLATE ROULADE [Flourless soft sponge rolled with whipped cream, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and fresh chocolate mousse]: Rs460/slice,  Rs 4500 (10-12 slices) 

  • MERINGUE ROULADE [almond-covered meringue roll with fresh cream and fruit] Passion or lemon – Rs380/slice,  Rs3600, Strawberry Rs400/slice, Rs 3800 (10-12 slices)

  • YORKSHIRE ROLL [Soft vanilla/chocolate sponge roll with buttercream and/or passion fruit/lemon Rs2800/slice, Rs 2600 Strawberry Rs300/slice, Rs 2900 (10-12 pieces)

  • PASSION AND COCONUT ROLL [Soft vanilla sponge roll with passion buttercream and passion fruit  curd covered in sweet coconut & passion drizzle] Rs280/slice, Rs2600  (10-12 pieces)



  • LEMON/PASSION MERINGUE PIE [Sweet pastry base with lemon or passion fruit filling and a meringue top]: Rs360/slice, Rs 3400 (10-12 pieces)

  • BANOFFEE PIE [Sweet pastry base with a layer of banana and caramel, topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate ganache] Rs380/slice, Rs 3600 (10-­12 pieces)

  • APPLE PIE [Sweet pastry base, topped with real apple and a hint of cinnamon] Rs380/slice, Rs 3600 (10-12 pieces)



  • LEMON / PASSION / NARANG TART [Fruity, soft creamy filling on a pastry base] Rs340/slice, Rs 3200 (10­‐12 pieces)

  • PEACH/APPLE AND CUSTARD TART (Sliced peaches/apples on a soft creamy custard base filling on a pastry base): Rs360/slice, Rs 3400 (10-­12 pieces)

  • PEAR & CHOCOLATE TART [Rich chocolate cream filling with pear on a chocolate pastry base]: Rs440/slice, Rs 4300 (10­‐12 pieces)

  • CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE TART [A two-layer tart – rich baked chocolate cream and a layer of cheesecake on a chocolate pastry base]: Rs380/slice, Rs 3600 (10-12 pieces)

  • SALTED CARAMEL CHOCOLATE TORTE [soft rich chocolate layer with salted caramel on a sweet biscuit base]: Rs400/slice, Rs 3900 (10-12 pieces)

  • TIRAMISU TART: Rs480/slice, Rs 4600 (10-12 pieces)




  • FRUIT CRUMBLE (Rhubarb & Strawberry/ Raspberry & Peach/Apple & Cinnamon or fruit of your choice):  Rs 2600 (4-8 People)

  • CRÈME BRÛLÉE [Banoffee/Lemon/Passion fruit/Strawberry/Raspberry/Blueberry coulis base with a rich custard middle topped with a layer of hard caramel]: Rs 550 per glass

  • CHOCOLATE MOUSSE Rs 400 per glass

  • TIRAMISU [Layers of coffee soaked chocolate cake, chocolate ganache and rich cream cheese and cream]: Rs 480 per glass

  • ETON MESS [Strawberry and meringue pieces, with whipped cream, swirled with strawberry coulis] Rs 460 per glass

  • CRÈME BROWNIE [Chunks of brownie layered with cream and chocolate ganache] Rs 420 a glass

  • DOUBLE CHOCOLATE MINT MOUSSE [Layers of dark and white chocolate mint mousse] Rs 480 per glass

  • SALTED CARAMEL FLOATING ISLANDS [creamy custard topped with poached meringue, salted caramel sauce & toasted flaked almonds] Rs 460 per glass

  • COOKIE TRIFLE JAR:  Rs 400 per glass


  • CHOCOLATE BROWNIES (White choc-chip, dark choc-chip, English fudge): Rs 300 each. Tray of 16 pieces Rs 4500. 

  • GOURMET CHOCOLATE BROWNIES (Chocolate Orange, Peppermint cream, Meringue, Peanut butter, Cheesecake): Rs 350 each. Tray of 16 pieces Rs 5200. 

  • OMG! [Soft flourless chocolate sponge squares layered with chocolate mousse, white chocolate and caramel] Rs300/slice,  Rs 3500 a tray (12 -15 pieces)


  • HONEY & ALMOND SQUARES [shortbread base topped with treacle and almonds] Rs 380 each

  • CHOCOLATE MINT SQUARES [crunchy chocolate base topped with peppermint cream and chocolate] Rs 380 each.


  • LEMON BARS (rich lemon custard atop a shortbread biscuit base) Rs 280 each

  • NUTTY CUPS [rich chocolate cream with caramel and peanut butter, on a biscuit base] Rs 320 each

  • CUP CAKES (Vanilla, Lemon, Passion fruit, Chocolate, Strawberry): Rs 180 each

  • COOKIES [chocolate chip/raspberry and white chocolate/ oat & raisin/ gingerbread] Rs150-180 each

  • CAKE POPS Rs 150 each

  • SCONES Rs 140 each

  • PAVLOVA [Meringue base with a plain or fruit cream centre and fresh fruit on top] Passion/tropical fruit/strawberry: Rs 3200 (8-­10 pieces). Mini Pavlovas: Rs 350 (1-­2 pieces)

  • PROFITEROLES [Soft choux pastry balls filled with crème patisserie or chocolate mousse drizzled with chocolate ganache] Rs 150 each

  • CROQUEMBOUCHE [Profiterole tree dressed with pulled sugar or drizzled with chocolate ganache] Small (20 balls) Rs 3500, Medium (30 balls) Rs 5000, Large (50 balls) Rs 8000

  • MINI PARIS-­BREST [Soft choux pastry ring filled with chocolate mousse with whipped cream and strawberries] Rs 500 (2 people).

  • CINNAMON ROLLS [Cinnamon swirled buns with a citrus syrup topping] Rs 280 each.

  • GOURMET YOGHURT [400ml pot of delicious, fresh, home made, real vanilla yoghurt: plain or with swirls of Passion fruit, Strawberry, Raspberry or Blueberry] Rs 320. 

  • DEVONSHIRE HIGH TEA [a platter of cakes, sandwiches and scones with homemade fruit curd for 2 people] King’s Rs 2950; Queen’s Rs 2300; Quick Rs 1550.

  • DOUGHNUTS: chocolate: Rs 250; custard Rs 220.


  • DORSET APPLE CAKE WITH CINNAMON [Light apple cake with a caramelised apple top]: Rs290/slice, Rs 2800 (10-12 pieces)

  • PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE [Butter cake with pineapple and a caramelized pineapple top]: Rs260/slice, Rs 2500 (10-12 pieces)

  • PEACH & RASPBERRY MELBA CAKE [Moist butter cake with fresh peaches and a caramelised peach & raspberry top]: Rs310/slice, Rs 3000 (10-12 pieces)

  • LAMINGTONS [soft cake dipped in chocolate frosting and coconut] Rs150 each


Delivery:  We now deliver to the following areas:  Colombo 5 & 7 Rs 250 | Colombo 8 : Rs300  | Colombo 3, 4 & 6: Rs 350  

Colombo 2: Rs 400  | Nawala Rs 350   |  Nugegoda, Rajagiriya : Rs400  | Kotte: Rs 600 | Colombo 1, 9-15  Rs 600  |  

Dehiwela, Mt Lavania Rs 600 | Battaramulla : Rs650 | Pelawatte Rs 700  | Other: Please ask.



Always fresh. Always home made. No artificial colours, flavours or additives. Always real fruit or natural flavours. 


We also bake other sizes or other specialised cakes to order (please ask) and provide gift boxes with a selection of cakes for special occasions

The Cakery : 0112501344,  HOTLINE: 077 297 4726    Email: Orders@tecclk.com  

WEBSITE: www.tecclk.com    FACEBOOK: TheEnglishCakeCompany

*These prices are subject to change without notice

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