• GARLIC PRAWNS: Chilli garlic prawns, cheese with iceberg lettuce and our special roasted bell pepper and tomato sauce
  • SMOKED SALMON: Smoked salmon, cream cheese with/without leeks or caramelised onions
  • SEAFOOD CUTLETS: Home-made seafood cutlets with fresh tomato, cheese, onion rings, local chutney or mayonnaise or our roasted pepper and tomato sauce
  • BREADCRUMBED FISH: Meaty bread-crumbed fish steaks with roasted tomato, cheese, our special roasted bell pepper and tomato sauce, fresh salad (iceberg lettuce, bell pepper, tomato and onion) and mayonnaise
  • COCONUT PRAWNS: Coconut-battered prawns, salad, roasted pepper and mayonnaise

STACKS (Non-Veg)

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